The Inaugural LAN QIAO International Collegiate Programming Contest was Held Successfully

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The inaugural LAN QIAO International Collegiate Programming Contest was held on Sunday, October 22, at Princeton’s Tigerlabs, at 252 Nassau Street.  The contest provides college students with opportunities to interact with students from other universities in the United States and China and to sharpen and demonstrate their programming skills during the five hour contest.  The contest was made possible through the cooperation of the LAN QIAO organization and Princeton Cross-Cultural Educational Services, Inc., (PCCES) a local non-profit organization purposed with providing cross-cultural experiences to students globally.

The contest is open to all undergraduates and drew students from several local universities, including Princeton University, Rutgers University, and Rider University.  High school students are permitted to participate in the contest as preparation for their undergraduate careers, but are not eligible for the prizes.  The U.S. students competed against 21 of the top 30 Computer Science undergraduates in China and the results were impressive as the U.S. placed 2 eligible winners in the top 10.  Three other U.S. students also placed in the top ten, but were ineligible for the prizes since they are high school students.  The future bodes well for the U.S. in future competitions!

The awards ceremony were held at the Princeton Public Library, in the Community Room.  The awards were presented by a very special guest, the Mayor of Princeton, the Honorable Mayor Elizabeth Lembert.  Mayor Lembert was kind enough to take time from her busy schedule, on very short notice, to address the contestants, the professors, the administrators, and audience in attendance, welcoming all to the warm and beautiful town of Princeton.  Before leaving Mayor Lembert delighted our guests by staying even longer to take pictures with many in attendance.

The event was hosted by PCCES volunteers Martin Malagon and Dr. Li Li.  After the awards were presented the audience was treated to two very interesting presentations.  The first by former Princeton University Professor John Edwards and Alex Liu, CEO of MelpApp, Inc., both are Princeton University Alums.  Both presentations sparked good question and answer sessions afterwards.

The Chinese delegation, comprised of students, professors, and LAN QIAO administrators, were then given a special tour of Princeton and Princeton University by Dr. Li, a volunteer of the Princeton Cross-Cultural Educational Services, Inc.

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