Mayor Lembert Presents Awards to LAN QIAO Comptetion Winners

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On Monday, October 23, Mayor Elizabeth Lembert took time from her hectic schedule to welcome the Chinese delegation of students, professors, and administrator, taking part in the first LAN QIAO International Collegiate Programming Contest, which pits the top Chinese computer science undergraduates against students from colleges in the United States.

Mayor Lembert welcomed all to Princeton in her address prior to making the awards to the top prize winners of the contest.  Afterwards the mayor was gracious enough to delight the Chinese delegation by taking pictures with groups and individuals.  The visitors were very excited and grateful to have met with the Mayor of Princeton.

The contest was made possible through the cooperation of the LAN QIAO organization, led by Executive Secretary Mr. Hou of China and Benjamin Zhang of Princeton, and Princeton Cross-Cultural Educational Services, Inc., (PCCES) a local N.J. non-profit organization purposed with providing cross-cultural experiences to students globally, represented by Dr. Li Li and Martin Malagon.  The contest itself was held the day before at Princeton’s own Tigerlabs, an exceptional facility at 252 Nassau Street.

The Chinese delegation will tour the town of Princeton, including Princeton University, as well as visit, New York City, Philadelphia, and Washington, DC, prior to their return to China.

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