Online ESL Program

Where are our students from?

What is the goal of the online ESL program?

PCCES is dedicated to providing an English language experience that allows the students to increase their English language proficiency and gain a sense of America’s rich history and culture.

Our primary goal at PCCES is for the student to gain confidence in speaking, start conversations, and improve fluency and accuracy in English.

In addition, it is our desire that during the course the student will begin form/support/and argue opinions in conversations.

The goal of our courses is also to improve students’ listening comprehension and skill, speaking, and note-taking skills in our lecture-based courses. 

These objectives met, the student will be more comfortable and confident speaking English conversationally, which will hopefully translate to speaking better English conversations in business, educational institutions, as well as, socially.

Why is this the goal?

PCCES believes that by different cultures understanding one another, sharing knowledge with each other, and communicating their ideas, thoughts, fears, accomplishments, the world becomes a better place. PCCES intends to contribute to the cross cultural exchange using language enrichment as its tool.


1) Leadership and Management

Your ability to communicate clearly and confidently is critical for advancement in today’s business world.

Our programs at PCCES are designed to increase your conversational English proficiency, required to fully participate and succeed in the world of business.

We provide you topics that deepen your professional education and are designed to reinforce the lessons learned through conversation and listening exercises.

PCCES 10 session topics include:

  • Business Discussions General

  • Conflict

  • Negotiations

  • Managing Crisis

  • Leadership

  • Appraisals

  • Work Experience

  • Risk Management

  • Sales and the Process

  • Retirement

2)Young Professional Development

Young professionals face a difficult and uncertain path to success.   Making the right impression on managers, colleagues, and subordinates, will be greatly determined by your ability to communicate.  This problem is far more difficult for those whose who are not native English speakers.

We provide topics that will assist you in your professional development and provide an interesting base from which to practice your English conversation skills, interview skills, and questioning skills.

PCCES 10 session topics include:

  • Working in Another Country

  • Meeting New People

  • Job Interviews

  • Leadership

  • Conducting Meetings

  • Making a presentation

  • Colleagues

  • Managers and Management

  • Hard Times

  • Business Ethics

3) Young Adults

Proficiency in English is essential for academic success. PCCES Young Adult students benefit from lessons and activities prepared in a variety of topics, that help them stay engaged and have fun while learning.

PCCES 5 session topics include:

  • Let’s talk about your week

  • Let’s talk about your Family

  • Let’s talk about you

  • Let’s talk about School

  • Let’s talk about what you lie to do

4) Relationships

Nothing impacts your life more than the relationships you have with others around you.  We’ll spend 10 sessions together, sharing in guided discussion our thoughts and feelings on many subjects related to relationships, learning from each other in a relaxed environment.

PCCES 10 session topics include:

  • Getting to Know the Group

  • Children and Childhood

  • Friends, Who and Why

  • Friends, Rules of Friendship

  • Dating, What and Why

  • Dating, Complications

  • Marriage

  • Parenting

  • Social Networking

  • Review/Final Thoughts

5) Pronunciation

Can you say “squirrel?”  Not many ESL students can say it correctly in the beginning – and even some native speakers have difficulty!  Let’s spend 5 sessions together reviewing difficult words, reciting tongue-twisters, and fixing some bad communication habits.  Each session will present different material.

Free Trial

We offer free trial sessions to students who would like to learn more about our ESL program.

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