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The inaugural LAN QIAO International Collegiate Programming Contest was held on Sunday, October 22, at Princeton’s Tigerlabs, at 252 Nassau Street.  The contest provides college students with opportunities to interact with students from other universities in the United States and China and to sharpen and demonstrate their programming skills during the five hour contest.  The contest was made possible through the cooperation of the LAN QIAO organization and Princeton Cross-Cultural Educational Services, Inc., (PCCES) a local non-profit organization purposed with … read more

On Monday, October 23, Mayor Elizabeth Lembert took time from her hectic schedule to welcome the Chinese delegation of students, professors, and administrator, taking part in the first LAN QIAO International Collegiate Programming Contest, which pits the top Chinese computer science undergraduates against students from colleges in the United States. Mayor Lembert welcomed all to Princeton in her address prior to making the awards to the top prize winners of the contest.  Afterwards the mayor was gracious enough to delight … read more